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Filling Your Chicken Coop with Birds: Eggs mean Work!

Perhaps the time has come, and you have decided to begin eating healthily and simply- maybe you want natural choice for your kids to learn responsibility. In other words, you are the proud new or (almost) new owner of a hand-made Amish chicken coop, and now you are wondering the best ways to go about…

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Refridgerated Free-range Eggs Can Last up to 30 Days

Among the most common of animal foods, chicken eggs are least prone to spoiling. But what if your hen Jen has been laying more than you can handle, or you’re looking to stock up? Keep these two things in mind:   1. If you decide to refrigerate your free-range eggs, you can be confident they should remain fresh…

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Introducing New Chickens to Your Hen House– It Takes Patience!

It is never easy to introduce fresh birds into an established flock. As mentioned in our previous post, chickens establish a pecking order based on biological fitness so as to protect the flock from predators and keep order during feeding. Once chickens have gone through that tough phase of establishing order, they are nervous of strangers….

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Ticks, Grasshoppers- vegetable destroyers? There’s chicken manure for that, and it can be right in your backyard!

When we speak about hen houses and raising chickens, you may first think of meat, eggs, or green pastures. But chickens have the potential to be a gardener’s best friends, because one, they fertilize, and two, they control pests. It’s all in the chicken manure!   1. Fertilizer: Chicken poo is one of the most…

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Hen House Doors, Meshes, Tractors: We Highly Recommend!

We here at Lancaster Chicken Coops really believe a hen house is a a little home for your hens- every detail can make a difference. Here are four important tips to keep in mind:   1. The proper door for the chicken entrance can make a big difference. Not only do will you see value…

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Tips for Keeping a Successful Hen House All Year Round: Chicken Coops in Winter

Beginning to keep chickens may sound like a venture reserved only for farmers, but this is not at all the case, especially today. We all want to know what is in our food, and what enters our children’s mouths. The power that comes with the freedom to produce one’s own food is priceless. Here are…

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The pecking order– more than a trope? Wild instinct in your backyard chicken coop

Photo: Red Jungle Fowl   As it is in the wild, so it shall be in your backyard chicken coop.   The ‘pecking order’ is more than a trope– its a precautionary means by which chickens ensure safety to the entire flock. With a series of naturally orchestrated pecks and glares, chickens at the top of…

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Breeds to Consider for your Hen House: The Cluck about Chickens

Chickens have been domesticated for thousands of years, and there are hundreds and hundreds of diverse and distinct breeds. Here are five simple selections for you to consider for your new hen house:   1. Rhode Island Red. The Rhode Island Red is the poultry cranberry of New England. They are great layers of brown…

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More than Just Tasty– It’s Scientific! The 15 Layers of Free-Range Chicken Eggs

What sort of biological wonders lay hidden beneath those free-range chicken eggs? 15 different layers! Here they are:   1. Eggshell The eggshell is the most obvious layer. Made up of almost entirely calcium carbonate, the white semipermeable membrane consists of over 17,000 tiny pores for air and moisture, and to protect against foreign elements.   2. Outer shell…

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Scrambling for Space! Excess Free-Range Chicken Eggs Best If Kept Refrigerated

Among the most common of animal foods, free-range chicken eggs are least prone to spoiling. But what if your hen Jen has been laying more than you can handle, or you’re looking to stock up? Here’s what you should know:   1. If you decide to refrigerate your eggs, you can be confident they will…

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