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Raising Baby Chicks for your Chicken Coop

We presented some common chicken breed choices in a previous post, and how to go about purchasing chickens. But what if raising baby chicks from birth sounds more enticing? Not only are they adorable, but cultivating baby chicks can be a fantastic opportunity for children to learn about responsibility and care for small animals.   However,…

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How to Buy Backyard Chickens: Look out for Healthy Birds

Have you read our post on adding chickens to your coop? Maybe you still have yet to purchase chickens, and you are wondering what to look for. Here’s some things to keep in mind so that you buy backyard chickens who up to speed on their doctor’s checkup:   First, you have to decide whether…

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Egg-Hunting and a Nesting Box for Chickens

Nesting boxes help your hens know where they should lay their eggs, so you don’t have to search for them. It’s best to have– at the most– five chickens to one nesting box. Ideally, you might want to consider having three to four to each. This way, hens are not stressed and can share easily….

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Keeping Chickens Warm in the Winter

It’s amazing how birds, so small, can withstand the cold of Eastern Asia. And they don’t need a coat, gloves, boots, or a scarf! As there are hundreds upon hundreds of breeds of birds, there are dozens of breeds of chicken in the United States, each able to withstand a whole spectrum of severe weather….

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To Give Chickens a Bath: Dust is a Must

Dust baths for your chickens are absolutely necessary. They prevent parasites such as mites and lice from making their homes on your bird’s bodies!   To give chickens a bath, you’re going to need the following: A sizable box (a plastic litter box, a wooden crate, or a kiddies swimming pool might  actually might work…

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Raising Chickens: 10 Terms Which Might Come in Handy

It is amazing how in every type of trade there is always a large amount of very unique vocabulary. Chicken raising is no exception. Here are just 10 terms that you might find handy as you begin to think about (or continue) raising backyard chickens.   The American Standard of Perfection A big book which…

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Giving Your Backyard Chickens the Right Nutrition

You are what you eat. And with your backyard chickens, you are what they eat! The more healthy nutrition you provide for your egg-laying hens, the healthier you will be too. Chickens need a good balance of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.   There are many different cool ways to ensure that your chickens are receiving…

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‘Help! My Chickens are Bald!’ Seasonal Molting in Backyard Chickens

Stop! Do not be alarmed. Your hen is not bare, she is simply growing new clothes.   You can expect your bird to begin losing feathers first on its head, then later down the back, followed by the breast and concluding with the wings.   The duration of molting varies. Depending on your bird, it…

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Composting Chicken Manure

Raw chicken manure is absolutely packed with beneficial bacteria and organisms which will boost your plant and vegetable growth- but only after you compost it.   Why can’t you just apply the manure raw? Isn’t it natural? Yes, but one could say too natural. Raw chicken manure, before proper composting, is known as ‘hot.’ This…

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Backyard Chicken Poop- Black Gold For Your Garden? Composting Chicken Coop Manure

Your backyard chickens produce about 1 cubic foot of poop every six months- what are you to do with it all!? With a flock of birds running around, it is no surprise that chicken coop manure quickly collects. If you’re a gardener (or maybe now you will want to start!), that great big mess of stink will…

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